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Contact: Wimbish, Michael D CIV USSOUTHCOM/SC-CC (L)
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For immediate release


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• Capt. Robert Durand 011-5399-9928; email Robert.t.durand@jtfgtmo.southcom.mil

• Lt. Col. Samuel House 011-5399-9927; email Samuel.house@jtfgtmo.southcom.mil


GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba -- The commander of Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) ordered the transition of detainees from communal to single-cell living at Camp VI to ensure the health and security of those detainees.
The commander ordered this change at 0510, 13 April 2013. This action was taken in response to efforts by detainees to limit the guard force's ability to observe the detainees by covering surveillance cameras, windows, and glass partitions. Round-the-clock monitoring is necessary to ensure security, order, and safety.
In order to reestablish proper observation, the guards entered the Camp VI communal living spaces to transition detainees into single cells, remove obstructions to cameras, windows and partitions, and medical personnel conducted individual assessments of each detainee. The ongoing hunger strike necessitated these medical assessments. Some detainees resisted with improvised weapons, and in response, four less-than-lethal rounds were fired. There were no serious injuries to guards or detainees.
The mission of Joint Task Force Guantanamo is to provide for the safe, legal, and humane care and custody of detainees. All detainees will continue to be treated in a safe, humane manner.


Byline: From Joint Task Force Guantanamo Public Affairs
Article Date: 4/14/2013
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