7th annual U.S.-Peru Army Staff Talks focuses on transformation, personnel and training
May 20, 2022

Army South departs Honduras concluding deployment exercise
May 19, 2022

Army South kicks-off 7th annual Peru-U.S. Army-to-Army Staff Talks
May 16, 2022

Army South begins deployment exercise in Honduras
May 13, 2022

Army South coordinates cyber defense exchange with Argentine Army
May 11, 2022

From a second chance at life to Sgt. Audie Murphy Club
May 10, 2022

Army South and partner nations conclude PISAJ 16
May 9, 2022

PISAJ 16 class attend U.S. Army Armor School 2022 Sullivan Cup competition
April 29, 2022

U.S., Colombian senior non-commissioned officers conduct PISAJ 16 engagement
April 29, 2022

Army South strengthens relationships, creates training opportunities for hemispheric security during CAA
April 21, 2022