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Brigadier General Marco Antonio Marin Saldana

Deputy Commanding General - Interoperability, United States Army South

Fort Sam Houston, Joint Base San Antonio, Texas

Brigadier General Marco A. Marin Saldana serves as the U.S. Army South Deputy Commanding General of Interoperability, he assists the Army South Commanding General William L. Thigpen by supporting U.S. Army South mission to conduct security cooperation operations and activities with partner Nation Armies in the U.S. Southern Command Area of Responsibility.

He entered the Military Academy of Chorrillos at the age of 16 on 09 March 1991, graduating on 01 January 1995 as an Infantry Second Lieutenant with a bachelor’s degree in military sciences. He was also integrated into the graduating class of Division General “Carlos Miñano Mendocilla”. Graduated with honors from the Peruvian Army Commando School and held 1st place in that class. He holds a Doctorate in Education from the National University of Education; he holds a Magister in Development and National Defense from the Center for Higher National Studies and a Magister in Military Sciences from the Army War College. He has served as an Instructor and Deputy Director at the Army Command School, as well as a Teacher and Director at the Army Infantry School and has 27 uninterrupted years of service as an active-duty Army Officer, having taught in the military and university. He possesses strategic leadership and administration capabilities.

Throughout his career, he has served in infantry, and Special Forces units and in declared emergency zones in various locations within the country. Participated actively in the National Pacification and was condecorated by the Armed Forces Joint Command with the Merit medal, and distinguished with the “Valor of War Cross” medal for his direct participation in Counterterrorism Operations. He also was awarded the Commendation Medal “Eloy Urrieta” and the Legion of Merit “Andres Avelino Caceres” award.

On April 2019, he participated in the Pacific Area Special Operations Conference (PASOC) International Conference conducted to address related topics of interest related to “Government and Global Security Resilience” organized by the U.S. Army Special Operations Pacific Command (SOCPAC) held in Honolulu, Hawaii; an event that included the participation of officers representing several nations from the “Cuenca del Pacífico” qualified in special operations.

On February 2020, he participated in the U.S. Southern Command International Conference held in Miami, Fl., an event that included the participation of officers representing several nations from the “Cuenca del Pacífico”.

In 2020, he was the liaison officer between the Armed Forces Joint Command and the U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group at the U.S. Embassy in Peru where he directly coordinated with U.S. Army Coronel John F. FRAVEL III, Chief of GRUCAM.

Military Schools

-    Airborne Basic Course
-    Non-conventional War Course
-    Anti-Aircraft Weapons “IGLA 1E” Course.
-    Jungle Operations Course at Fort Shermann (USA). 
-    Freefall Course
-    Autonomous Diving Course "SKUBA" at the Naval School of Special Operations
-    Regular Commando Course (held 1st place)
-    Infantry Basic Course
-    Infantry Advanced Course
-    Big Combat Unit Employment Course
-    Command and Joint Staff Course at the Joint War College
-    Psychological Operations Superior Course

Non-Military Schools

-    Bachelor of Military Sciences
-    Master of Military Sciences
-    Masters of National Development and Defense
-    Doctorate in Educational Sciences from the National University of Education

Military Assignments

-    BIS N° 83 – Güeppí Patrol Commander (1995 – 2000).
-    Head of the Security Group for the Chief of CCFFAA and Head of the Security Group for the CGE (2001 – 2003).
-    Chief of the Instruction Section for Training and Operations in the Special Commando Company “PACHACUTEC” N° 31 – Pichanaki (2004 – 2005).
-    Head of the Evaluation Department and Instructor at the Infantry School (2010).
-    Guest instructor at the Army Command School (2010).
-    Chief of Plans and Operations Section for the 1st Special Forces Brigade (2011).
-    Head of the Personal Security Escort for the Peruvian president (2014).
-    Deputy Director of the Army Command School (2015).
-    1st Special Forces Brigade Inspector (2016).
-    1st Special Forces Brigade Chief of Operational Staff (2017).
-    Liaison Officer between the Armed Forces Joint Command and the U.S. Military Assistance and Advisory Group (MAAG) at the US Embassy in Peru (2020).
-    Deputy Chief for the President’s Military House (2021).
-    Currently assigned as the Inspector for the VRAEM Special Command.

Command Assignments

-    Company Commander of the Special Commando N° 31 (CE VRAEM).
-    Commander of the Counter Terrorist Battalion N° 312 (CE VRAEM).
-    Joint Special Forces Commander (CIOEC - CCFFAA).
-    Director of the Army Infantry School.


-    Peruvian Cross of Military Merit Award.
-    National Pacification Sash.
-    "Mariscal Eloy Urieta" Medal of the Joint Command in the Grade of Commander.
-    "Valor of War Cross" Medal of the Joint Command in the Distinguished Degree.
-    Operations on the Internal Front for National Pacification veteran.