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Command Group

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Office Symbol: ARSO-CG
Address: 4130 Stanley Road, Suite 700
Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234
Commercial Phone: (210) 295-6341
DSN Phone: 421-6341
Fax:  (210) 295-6336

 Juntos Podemos! – Together We Can!


U.S. Army South (ARSOUTH) conducts and supports multinational operations and security cooperation in the U.S. Southern Command area of responsibility in order to counter transnational threats and strengthen regional security in defense of the homeland.


A flexible, agile and responsive Army Service Component Command capable of simultaneously conducting contingency operations and Theater Security Cooperation engagements for U.S. Southern Command and Department of the Army.  

As the combatant command (COCOM) support agent, U.S. Army South provides an, appropriate, fiscally responsive and maximum level of support based upon available resources.  

US Army South is responsive to the COCOM as we work to become the “partner of choice” for Regional Armies.  

Command's Enduring Priorities

Flexibility, agility and responsiveness are woven into the fabric of every ARSOUTH mission.  In order to meet the continued requirements for Theater Security Cooperation and Contingency Operations, ARSOUTH will work closely with the community of interest for the AOR, including joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multilateral partner nations.  ARSOUTH uses the following enduring priorities to focus efforts to accomplish our mission throughout the AOR: 

1)      Contingency Readiness – ARSOUTH must sustain individual and collective training capability for immediate transition to contingency operations

2)      Primacy of Partnering – ARSOUTH will seek partnership in all regional initiatives

3)      Mission Resourcing – ARSOUTH is fiscally disciplined and a responsive steward of resources while meeting prioritized mission requirements

4)      Command Responsiveness – ARSOUTH is flexible, agile and responsive to subordinate elements, other components and USSOUTHCOM


 U.S. Army South Command Strategy 

Click here to view the U.S. Army South Command Strategy and the U.S. Army Strategic Planning Guidance.

 Juntos Podemos! – Together We Can!

Area of Responsibility

U.S. Army South is the Army Service Component Command of U.S. Southern Command. SOUTHCOM's area of responsibility encompasses 31 countries and 15 areas of special sovereignty in Central and South America, and the Caribbean and covers about 15.6 million square miles. Click here for more information about SOUTHCOM's area of responsibility.